yuchan's art gallery

heart cola

A picture that a good drawing person colored for me for 4 hours. -2022.9.12

little iron moon

The moon re-expressed using artistic sense. -2022.9.11


wiat. -2022.9.3

pink pong

This is a pinkfong painting my 4 year old cousin. -2022.8.4

baby shark

This is a baby shark painting by my 4 year old cousin. -2022.8.4

white ghost

This picture is a picture I took with my eyes in search of a strange brush. -2022.8.3

me during exam

This picture is a picture I drew without studying during the exam period. -2022.4.24

friend who annoys me

This is a drawing of a strange friend tormenting me. -2022.4.8

weird looking friend

This is a drawing I drew after my strange-looking friend. -2021.12.27

delicious caramel macchiato

This picture is a picture I drew while eating a delicious caramel macchiato. -2021.12.8

hamburger you want to eat

This picture was drawn because I wanted to eat a delicious hamburger. -2021.12.7

my cute face

This is a picture I drew looking at my cute face. -2021.11.28

strange strawberry yogurt

This picture is just a picture of strawberry yogurt I just drew. -2021.11.16

child writing reflection

This painting depicts a poor child who is writing a letter of remorse. -2021.11.10

my blushin face

This picture is a picture of my face that came out when I was black. -2021.11.8

all paint

more to be added